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Final Fantasy Type-0 Has Another Main Character

Director shares a few bits just ahead of release.

These adorable Moogles are not included in the character count.

Square Enix has thus far said that Final Fantasy Type-0 has twelve main characters in addition to Machina and Rem (who are also main characters, but have special standing so they're counted separately). It turns out that rather than twelve, the number is actually thirteen.

Director Hajime Tabata mentions the presence of a thirteenth character in an interview in the latest issue of Square Enix's own Gan Gan comic magazine.

Other points mentioned in the interview include:

  • The average clear time for the first run through is 40 hours
  • The game has five summons
  • On your second play through, you'll get to experience a different story surrounding Class 0

That last statement is a bit vague, but it does suggest that you'll want to play through the game multiple times to get the full experience.

[via Game Jouhou]

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