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Resident Evil Revelations Date and Bonuses Announced


Capcom has officially announced Resident Evil Revelations' January 26 release date. The date leaked out of Famitsu yesterday along with details on the game's special Slide Pad Expansion control scheme.

The Slide Pad controls are Type D in the game's control options.

Joining the game's standard ¥5,990 version, Capcom will release the Resident Evil Revelations Limited Edition exclusively through the e-Capcom sales site. This includes a BSAA cloth shoulder bag and a special bonus point reward for members of Resident Evil's Club 96 fan club. The LE is priced ¥8,990.

Buyers of the first print run of either version will get a DVD called Revelations Report. This includes Jessica's Report, an introduction to the game by the Jessica character. The DVD also has a collection of trailers, and developer interviews.

Jessica and the bag

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