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Endo Gets Two Different Wives in Inazuma Eleven Go


Inazuma Eleven Go is being released on 3DS in two versions, Shine and Dark. The two versions will offer different opponents, moves and teammates.

The same was true of Go's DS predecessors. But Go goes a bit further in the version differences. Depending on your choice of Shine or Dark, you'll find that series main character Endo has a different wife.

We previously provided a look at Natsumi, shown here serving Endo a meal fit for a soccer champ.

Coro Coro Comics reveals this week that Natsumi is Endo's wife only in the Shine version of the game. In the Dark vesion of the game, Endo will be married to the purple-haired, homelier-looking Fuyuka.

You'll have to plan your purchase accordingly.

That's Japanese for 'Say what!?'

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