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Sony Mostly Confirms Low Priced UMD Downloads For Vita Owners

Details on Game Archives support coming later.


Sony has mostly confirmed reports from earlier in the week about PlayStation Vita owners with UMD backlogs being able to pick up the download versions of their UMD titles at low prices, thus allowing them to in a sense carry their collection over.

A question at the PlayStation Vita FAQ asks if Vita can play PSP software. The response says that while Vita can play all downloadable PSP software, it cannot play UMD PSP software. However, Sony is looking into a service for offering download versions to UMD owners at a special price.

While this is the same statement that appeared in a Dengeki PlayStaiton interview earlier in the week, the FAQ also says that details on the service will be announced shortly. This makes it seem that in the "looking into" process, Sony has already committed to the service and is finalizing the details before a full announcement.

The fate of your Game Archives collection is not so clear. The same response includes a footnote saying that Game Archives games are not included in the response. Details on Game Archives support will be announced later, the FAQ says.

Game Archives is the Japanese name for the large library of PlayStation games that's available for PSP and PS3 download via PSN. It usually also includes the smaller library of PC Engine/Turbo Grafx games, although this is sometimes referred to as PC Engine Archives.

The FAQ does not specifically state that Vita will not play Game Archives games. We'll have to wait for Sony to share more details.

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