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AKB48 Member Drafted As Final Fantasy XIII-2's Official Test Player

That's it, I quit.


Forty-eight member JPOP girl group AKB48, fresh from a trip to Guam for a starring role in last week's number two best selling game, are teaming up with Square Enix for what may end up being the biggest game of the year. AKB48's Yuko Oshima will be Final Fantasy XIII-2's official test player, Oricon reported today.

Oshima will appear in a commercial for the game. Square Enix hasn't yet released the commercial, but according to Oricon, it features Oshima in a business suit attending a morning meeting. She shouts out "Good morning," and after exchanging business cards with her fellow staffers, shows a disc containing a ROM of the game to the camera.

Oshima has also prepared a "manifest" laying out her promise to represent all players and share her positive and negative opinions about the game. She will be serving as the leader for 12 other official test players, and will work with her subordinates to deliver the latest information on the game.

The first Oshima spot will begin airing on the 15th.

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