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Experience New Love Plus With Your Fellow Boyfriends


Back when New Love Plus was first unveiled, producer and love master Akari Uchida said that the game would have some sort of "city" feature where your fellow girlfriends will spread gossip and rumors around town. Today, we have details on what may be one facet of what Uchida had been talking about.

Via network uploads and downloads, New Love Plus lets you have a shared experience with other players. You can upload your data to Konami's servers. In return, you'll receive an update which changes Towanoshi, the city where the game takes place.

The city is updated to reflect the play history of fellow players. For example, spots that are popular with other players (and their digital girlfriends) will show signs of success. Unpopular spots will go out of business and be replaced with new areas. Players can also set a phrase, which will be shown on the city map.

Outside of the player data, the game also downloads expansion data, and a "Towano Watcher" magazine which sums up your play experience.

Famitsu.com, which provided these screens and details, doesn't say exactly how you'll transfer data, but it does seem to be mix of Spot Pass and Street Pass transfers. Screens show the player being prompted to connect to Konami Net DX to transfer information.

Joining the networking feature, Konami has also detailed the game's connectivity with Love Plus Arcade Colorful Clip. Like past Love Plus games, New Love Plus lets you create player data business cards. In addition to offering more advanced layout capabilities, by linking up with Colorful Clip, you can actually print out your cards.

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