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First Look: Guild 01

Level-5's new 3DS title has four games from the likes of Suda 51, Yoot Saito and Yasumi Matsuno. Famitsu shares first screens.


Famitsu.com has shared first screens of Guild 01, Level-5's new 3DS title that's actually four games in one.

As detailed earlier in the week, Guild 01 consists of four completely unique titles, spanning shooter to RPG. They're made by some big names, in and out of the game world.

You'll find the screens below. For details, see our story archive.

Kaiho Shojo

Meet president Shoko, a high school girl who boards a mech as Japan's only hope against an invading country that's sucking away all the energy. This shooter is from Suda 51 and has animation by Bones.

Rental Bukiya de Omasse

This fantasy RPG comes to us from Yoshiyuki Hirai of comedy unit America Zarigani. You play as a merchant who makes weapons for RPG heroes. You'll play mini games to craft your weapons.

Air Porter

This airport management simulation comes from Seaman's Yoot Saito and has this year's cleverest logo.

Crimson Shroud

Alas, Yasumi Matsuno's contribution to Guild 01 is shrouded in mystery -- a crimson veil of mystery, if you will. Famitsu describes it as an adventure RPG set in a fantasy world.

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