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Lots of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens

Snow, Serah, monsters and more, straight from Famitsu.com.


Joining the handful of English Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens from earlier today, Famitsu.com has released most of the screens that appeared in its print counterpart this week, including our best view yet of Serah.

We shared most of the textual details earlier in the week, but here's what the captions at Famitsu.com say.

Serah, Snow and Noel

Famitsu says that Serah and Noel are saved by Snow when they run into danger. Notice how Snow has the l'Cie marking that was supposed to have disappeared in FFXIII?

Sunleth Waterscape

Serah and Snow have their reunion at Sunleth Waterscape, which you'll remember from the original FFXIII. In the absence of the fal'Cie, it's assumed its natural form, showing changes with the seasons for instance.

And check out Tarzan Noel!

Monster Parties

We detailed the flow of the game's monster collection component earlier in the week. Monsters that you've defeated will occasionally turn to crystal, allowing you to turn the monster into an ally. You can set up a group of three monsters to bring out into battle with you. They switch out as you change paradigms.

The game has over 150 monsters who can be made into allies. Monsters have different rates of crystalizing, some very rare. Some monsters are so tough that you'll need to return back to fight them after you've built up your characters a bit.

Other Screens

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