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Level-5 World: Show Map and More Hints at Mystery Titles

Guild 01 and Little Battler eXperience Card Game go playable this weekend.


Level-5 has added more playable titles to the lineup for this weekend's Level-5 World event. Joining the previously announced Ni no Kuni, Inazuma Eleven Go, Girl's RPG, Fantasy Life, Layton VS Ace Attorney and Time Travelers will be Guild 01 and Data Cardass Little Battler eXperience.

Guild 01 was announced earlier this week for 3DS as a collection of four unique games. All but Crimson Shroud will be available for play.

Data Cardass Little Battler eXperience is an arcade card game in the Data Cardass series that's based off Little Battler eXperience. It was announced back in September. Access the official site here.

Level-5 also shared a map of the event space.

The big pink area is the main stage. The beige area is the food court. The blue area to the lower right is the shopping area, with a CD shop, a Ni no Kuni Shop, a Little Battler eXperience shop and an Inzuma Eleven shop. To the left are cosplayer changing and photo spots.

The game sections are split into lettered zones as follows:

  • A Zone: Inazuma Eleven Go, plus more to be announced on 10/15
  • B Zone: Fantasy Life, Girl's RPG, Ni no Kuni
  • C Zone: Time Travelers, Guild 01, plus more to be announced on 10/15
  • D Zone: Layton vs Ace Attorney
  • E Zone: Data Cardass Little Battler eXperience, plus more to be announced on 10/15

Two of the three announcements mentioned in the map may have already been leaked out, as Coro Coro Comics and other sources have confirmed Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme and Little Battler eXperience Boost. The extra C Zone title is a mystery, though.

Many of the big announcements will come at 11:00 on the morning of the 15th as Level-5 hosts the annual Level-5 Vision press conference just before the event's public opening. However, it appears that at least one surprise is being held for a public presentation that's being held at 15:55 on the 15th.

This teaser image from the Level-5 World Newspaper (it's just Level-5's homepage) suggests that the silhouette character from the Level-5 World teaser site will be revealed at the 15:55 event.

You can view most of the stage events live at Level-5's Ustream channel.

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