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Vesperia. Xillia. And now, "Kizna." Tales of Kizna is the name of the next Tales game. But don't clear up space on that PS3 hard drive just yet. Yes, you know where this is going. Kizna is a social game for the popular Mobage service.

The "Kizna" of the title is actually meant to be "Kizuna," which is Japanese for "bonds" or "ties." The game features over 100 characters from 15 past Tales games. Using character cards, you create a party and try out battles. You'll be able to form parties and guilds with other players to take on giant enemies and your fellow guilds.

The game is being developed as a cooperative effort between Namco Bandai and KLab. A release is planned for mid November. Pre-registration began today.

Namco Bandai also announced a Mobage version of Idolmaster today, but we've reached our daily quota for social games so we're not allowed to write about it.

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