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Continuing our unwilling coverage of the social game scene, here are some details on the Idolmaster social game that Namco Bandai announced today as part of a one two punch (to the damn face!) with Tales of Kizna.

Known by the placeholder name of Idolmaster Social Game, this latest take on the idol raising simulation series promises to retain the concept of being an "idol producing game" while changing up the world setting and game systems.

The game includes over 100 original idols along with the familiar cast from the home and arcade Idolmaster games. You play as a producer and must select group members from candidates. You raise your group into a top idol unit through work, lessons and other activities.

While this may sound similar to the other Idolmaster games, Namco Bandai actually describes Idolmaster Social Game as a "card battle" game. It's not clear where the cards are used, but the game does have a "Live Faceoff" mode (that's "live" as in a band's performance) where you face off against other players' units.

Idolmaster Social Game will be released for Mobage in November.

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