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No PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIV Until Late 2012


Square Enix has finally commented on a release time frame for Final Fantasy XIV's PlayStation 3 version. PS3 owners are going to have to wait a bit to play, as a closed beta test for the console version will not be held until October or November 2012. The actual retail version of the game isn't expected until January 2013 or beyond.

The PS3 version was mentioned as part of a general schedule that will lead to a reboot for FFXIV as "Version 2.0." For PC players, the game will cease to be free some time in late November and early December, but will return to a limited time free period late next year alongside the PS3 version.

For further details (in Japanese), along with concept art and design docs for the reboot version, see the Lodestone site. We've ripped a few images from the various PDFs at the site below.

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