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Senran Kagura cover ninja Asuka's bust size is 90cm. We know this because it's the first information Marvelous Entertainment shared for the game back at its announcement in April.

If you've never experienced 90 centimeter breasts, Marvelous and monthly gaming magazine Gemaga have just the item for you.

This item may look like just a pillow with artwork of Asuka on its case. But look a little closer.

Yes, it rises! But how much?

According to 4Gamer, pillow Asuka's bust height is 4 centimeters.

The site also says that there's a difference of about 0.5 centimeters between the left and right cups. The right one is the taller of the two, but the cups are swappable (and presumably expandable) so it probably doesn't matter.

You can experience 90 centimeters of Asuka behind your head (or in your face -- see below) for ¥5,980. Pre-orders are being taken at SBCr Shop through October 17. The item will only actually be sold if enough people order it.

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