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Level-5's Mystery Silhouette Game is "Youkai Watch"

Coro Coro Comics reveals Level-5 World's big surprise.

A mysterious silhouette character at the Level-5 World site.

The identity of the mystery silhouette character from the Level-5 World site has been revealed just ahead of tomorrow's event. Coro Coro Comics reveals that Level-5 is working on the all new "Youkai Watch." This will be the company's next tie-up project with the monthly comic magazine, following Inazuma Eleven and Little Battler eXperience.

The magazine provies only a few hints about the project. The pointy haired silhouette character from the Level-5 World site is named Keita. He may be the main character, but Coro Coro doesn't say for sure.

Coro Coro also shows a humorous-looking ghost and hints that it may be Keita's friend. Additionally, explaining the "watch" in the title, it appears that Keita's watch may have some secrets.

Level-5 is promising details on Youkai Watch during a Level-5 World stage event on Saturday afternoon. We'll hopefully get some specifics then.

The Coro Coro listing does not make any mention of a video game based off Youkai Watch, but with Level-5's involvement its probably a safe bet that it will see developments in all media formats.

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