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Level-5 Vision 2011 Live Blog

This year's festival of Akihiro Hino promises new announcements (most of which have already leaked out, but read anyway!)


Level-5 is holding its annual Level-5 Vision press conference today as part of the Level-5 World public demo event. This year, the press conference will be live streamed at Ustream (watch it here) so you can see the proceedings for yourself even if you can't make it out to Tokyo Big Site.

We're also tuning in via Ustream, and will be live blogging the happenings here. While you wait for the event to kick off, be sure and check out our Level-5 World portal page for all our previous and upcoming coverage, including images and links to stories and games.

Live Updates Follow

12:50: Hino shares some details about the Level-5 World event, then departs, bringing Level-5 Vision to an end. I'll also be stopping the live blog here! Thanks for reading.

12:49: This is all they'll be announcing about the project today. Reease date and platform are all listed with "???"

12:48: The project will cover game, anime and manga.

12:47: The main character summons friendly creatures using his watch. He uses them to face off against evil creatures.

12:46: The trailer is mostly animation. It shows the main character using the powers of strange creatures to solve his problems.

12:44: Hino introduces a trailer for Youkai Watch.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino at Level-5 Vision 2011.

12:43: Next, the final announcement! This will be Level-5's next cross media title.

12:42: Hino says that he hopes to offer Guild 01 at as low a price as possible. He also says that he hopes the games will go beyond just their Guild 01 components and into more games and media.

12:42: Guild 01 is due for 3DS in 2012.

12:41: They show a trailer for Crimson Shroud. It's just the still artwork and text shots that appeared in Famitsu earlier int he week.

12:40: Finally, Yasumi Matsuno introduces Crimson Shroud. He describes it as like a table talk RPG.

12:39: No trailer for Rental Bukiya. They video introductions turn to Yoot Saito, who's making Airporter for the collection.

12:38: Next, Hirai from America Zarigani. He introduces his component of the project, Rental Bukiya.

12:37: The trailer shows President Shoko boarding her Kamui mech to save Japan. And it has nice ass shots too!

12:36: A trailer for Kaiho Shojo lists Grasshopper Manufacture as the game's developer (in case you thought Suda was just supervising).

12:35: Suda 51 and the other creators share video messages.

12:33: The game has three concepts -- you can play four new games, the games are new and don't follow previous rules, and they're made by major names both in and out of the game industry.

12:33: They're showing a trailer introducing the four creators for the game. The trailer hints that this is just the first in a series of Guild titles.

12:32: Guild 01 -- Hino says it's both a game and a project.

12:30: Next up, a revolutionary new project!

12:28: Ishii introduces the game. The five characters introduced earlier in the week are playable characters.

12:28: Time Travelers will be released simultaneously on all three platforms -- 3DS, PSP and Vita.

12:26: They show a trailer for the game.

12:25: Director Jiro Ishii takes the stage.

12:24: Next, Time Travelers.

12:23: Fantasy Life is due for release in 2012. The new logo has Yoshitaka Amano art.

12:22: Next, Fantasy Life. This is from Brownie Brown. It was also announced a couple of Level-5 Visions back as a DS title, but was reannounced earlier this year for 3DS.

12:21: Layton Brothers will be available for play at Level-5 World. The screen showed date TBA as the release time frame.

12:20: Yes, it's an iOS game now! The main character is Alfendy Layton, Professor Layton's son.

12:19: They're showing a trailer, and it looks like the game may now be for iPhone!

12:19: Yes, this is the Mystery Room that was announced a couple of Level-5 Visions back. It's been reborn as a Layton branded title.

12:17: Next up, Layton Brothers Mystery Room.

12:16: The game will have new crossovers -- Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon and Masumi Hayami from Glass Mask. Like the other crossovers for the series, these characters will appear as clients in your hostess club.

12:15: The theme song played in the PV is from a group called Princess K. The group of three was formed for the game and will also appear in the game.

12:15: Girls' RPG will be released on 3DS in February.

12:13: They show a new trailer, narrated by Leo Morimoto.

12:12: Next up, Girls' RPG, the 3DS hostess sim.

12:12: There are also other Japanese promotions on the way, including Ni no Kuni Curry!

12:11: The game will be released internationally as Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch, due out in 2012 from Namco Bandai in Europe and North America.

12:10: The Magic Master book is included with the game as a first print run bonus. It's called "Magic Master Classic."

12:09: Hino introduces a couple of promotions. First, that stupid manzai video series they've been showing at the official site. There will also be a virtual completion ceremony for the game on 11/16, broadcast on Ustream. And, of course, the Magical Edition gold PS3.

12:08: Ashida's new spot for the game will air on 11/17, the release date. Hino says it's like a live action Ni no Kuni.

12:04: They show a video message from adorable Mana Ashida, who is featured in the game's commercials and also voices one of the characters, Kokoru.

12:01: Next, the PS3 version of Ni no Kuni. Hino shares a new trailer.

11:55: Next, Little Battler eXperience Boost. This was also revealed in advance in Coro Coro Comics and via a retailer. It's an updated version of the PSP original, also for PSP.

11:55: Go will be released in theaters on 12/23 in 2D and 3D.

11:53: 2012 Xtreme will be playable for the public at the Level-5 World event.

11:53: Next, a trailer for Inazuma Eleven Go The Movie.

11:52: 2012 Xtreme is due on 12/22. It's priced ¥4,980 -- lower than what was reported earlier, I believe.

11:51: The Level-5 Station version mentioned earlier in the event is a port of the Wii title, Hino reveals.

11:49: Ahh.. just Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Extreme. This is for the Wii. Hino will hopefully explain how it differs from the amusement machine of the same name he announced earlier in the event.

11:48: Now one more Inazuma Eleven game!

11:46: Hino now details some of the differences between the anime and game in terms of animation used in the two versions.

11:45: Yes! he does! The different wives for Endo are one of the biggest differences between the two versions, Hino says. The game also has different players, rival teams and the other usual stuff.

11:44: Hino details the two versions. Will he mention the two wives?

11:44: As previously announced, Go is due for release on 12/15.

11:41: The series has sold 3.65 million units domestically. Shine and Dark represents a new subseries for the series, says Hino, as he shares a new trailer.

11:40: Hino begins with Inazuma Eleven Go Shine/Dark.

11:39: Next up, the Inazuma Eleven series.

11:37: They're talking mostly about the anime.

11:35: Now Hino is bringing out a Mr. Sasaki from Sunrise for more talk about Gundam Age.

11:30: Hino calls out Mr. Miyaka from Sunrise for more discussion about Gundam Age.

11:29: The PSP Gundam Age is due out in Summer 2012.

11:28: They're showing footage from the PSP title, but the camera in the Ustream is way zoomed out. Boo...

11:27: The PSP title is an RPG, by the way. This was announced a while back, but the game's platform only came to light earlier this week.

11:26: They show a PV for both the anime and the game.

11:25: Hino said that they tried hard but couldn't get a playable version ready for today.

11:23: Mito explains that they want Gundam Age to appeal to all ages -- kids to adults, and not just anime fans. Hino notes that one of the main goals for him is to get kids into Gundam. However, he also wants to make sure and keep the older fans.

11:23: Producer Mito from Namco Bandai takes the stage for the Gundam Age introduction.

11:22: The Gundam Age franchise is being worked on by Hino, who created the story. Level-5 is also making a PSP game based off the franchise.

11:21: The Layton part of the conference is done it seems, as Hino has moved on to Gundam Age.

11:21: Layton is crossing over with Pocky . There will be events and mobile content related to the collaboration.

11:20: Social Layton out of the way, the press conference continues with...

11:17: Professor Layton Royal will be released for cell phones shortly.

11:16: The CEO of Mobage operator DeNA takes the stage to detail the collaboration.

11:14: Hino details the Kaito Royal social gaming crossover that was announced a few months back.

11:14: Next, another Layton announcement.

11:14: The game is still due for 2012 release.

11:10: Today, they've brought the first playable rom for the game.

11:10: Takumi is the man behind the Ace Attorney series.

11:10: He calls out Shu Takumi from Capcom to explain the game with him.

11:09: The trailer ends. It was just the Tokyo Game Show trailer.

11:07: First up, Layton x Ace Attorney. Hino shares a trailer.

11:06: Next, Hino is moving on to game related announcements.

11:06: Level-5 is also getting into book publishing with the Level-5 Books. First up from this brand will be a Ni no Kuni strategy guide.

11:05: Hino also mentions Level-5's partnership with Namco Bandai for Cardass. This was previously announced as the Little Battler eXperience arcade card unit.

11:04: The first content for this amusement machine will be Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 eXtreme.

11:03: He first announces Level-5's entrance into the amusement business through Level-5 Station.

11:02: Hino says that the event (the Vision press conference) was originally planned just for press, but they let in some of the fans who'd lined up early in the morning.

11:01: Following a short introduction video, CEO Akihiro Hino takes the stage.

11:00: Visit the Ustream stream here to watch if you're not.

11:00: The event has started!

10:58: Click here for Famitsu.com's live blog.

10:37: That's Hino at Level-5's US office down in Southern California.

10:36: I was looking for top images and I found these sexy Akihiro Hino pics:

10:34: By the way, this live blog thing was hastily assembled, so it may not work. If you notice that updates have frozen, you may want to refresh your page.

(Although wait until 11:00, when the event begins).

10:28: The press conference kicks off at 11:00, so check back in a bit!

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