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Hundreds Line Up For PlayStation Vita Pre-orders

Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara draws over 500 people for early morning pre-order start.


Back at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony said that pre-orders for PlayStation Vita would begin on October 15. In Japan time, October 15 is NOW, with a capital OW if you didn't get up early enough.

Famitsu.com has been covering some of the line activity. The Akihabara Yodobashi Camera, one of recurring retailers you'll see in line reports for product launches, had promised to start pre-orders at 7:00 in the AM. By midnight, the shop's line had reached the 200 mark. By around 6:00, the line had reached around 500 or so.

The shop opened up ten minutes in advance, but people kept on coming. Despite the large numbers, Famitsu says that even at 7:00 Yodobashi had not closed off the line.

Shibuya's Tsutaya outlet also waited until the official start of pre-orders to begin taking reservations, but just barely. The shop, a multi story media outlet that opens until 2:00 in the morning, began taking reservations at midnight. It had announced the midnight start via Twitter and its official blog the day before, and by midnight some sixty people had lined up.

For Famitsu.com's line coverage, see these stories:

Sony hasn't said how many units it plans on getting out at launch, although it has said that it expects to sell out quickly of the special 3G units that include 100 hours of 3G time (plus 3 hours of high speed 3G time). This special version will be produced in quantities of 500,000 units.

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