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Level-5's Mystery Room Reborn as a Layton Title for iPhone


A long lost Level-5 title resurfaced today with some major changes. As part of a series of announcements from today's Level-5 Vision press conference, Level-5 said that it has rebranded Mystery Room as a Layton series title and has also changed the game's platform.

Mystery Room was first announced at Level-5 Vision 2009 two years back as an original entry in Level-5's "Atamania" series of brain teasing games. Players team up with genius detectives Poccho and Sly to solve crimes. The game was in development for DS with a release planned for 2010. See our coverage of the original announcement here.

In its new form, Mystery Room is now known as Layton Brothers Mystery Room. The "Layton" comes from Level-5's Professor Layton series. The game's main character is Professor Layton's son, Alphendi, a genius investigator with Scotland Yard. He's joined by newcomer investigator Lucy Creila.

While Poccho and Sly are nowhere to be found in Level-5's new description of the game, the "Mystery Room" concept is still present. Alphendi and Lucy work in Scotland Yard's top investigation division, known by many as Mystery Room. You'll help the two solve a series of mysteries.

Layton Brothers Mystery Room's platform has been switched from DS to iOS game. Level-5 did not say when the game would be released. Access the official site here.

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