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Daytona HD Port Developed By Team Behind Virtual On


Daytona is going HD on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But who's makin' it?

Sega opened an official blog for the game today, revealing an answer that isn't too surprising. The game is being ported by the same team that previously worked on the home ports of Virtua Fighter 5, Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, After Burner Climax and Virtual On Force. This is their latest title.

In the first post at the official blog, producer Toru Murayama refers to the team as the "AM Port Team," although he admits that this isn't an official name. The focus of the port was in delivering the same atmosphere and control of the original, he explained. While keeping all the 3D models the same, they made all the visual elements HD.

The game's official blog is actually a general official blog for the AM Port Team. If they have their own website, perhaps we can expect additional Model series ports in the future.

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