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Namco Bandai Begins Consulting Service

Apply Namco Bandai's game methodology to other fields.


Did you play that latest Namco Bandai game and find yourself thinking, how do they do it? Namco Bandai wants to share its development expertise with you through its new "Special Flag: Game Method Consulting" service.

Developed with Dentsu, this program promises to teach clients Namco Bandai's knowhow in development and marketing. The program is not meant for other game developers, though. The target of the program is industries outside of games, including home appliances, communications devices, interior design and consumables.

Namco Bandai plans on teaching what it refers to as its "Game Method." This field covers the techniques it uses to, for example, make it so that players can immediately begin playing a game without reading an instruction manual. The company says that it has been conducting research into Game Method since the late 1980s and has had its ideas put to use in a variety of product, including textbooks and "rehabilitainment" machines (machines that combine rehabilitation with entertainment).

The Special Flag program will including consulting, training and ideation (I have to admit that I was surprised to find that this is an actual word -- it just means idea generation).

For details on how you can apply Namco Bandai's knowhow to your field, visit the Special Flag official site.

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