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What Would You Do If You Were Locked Away With a Girl?

(You'd work with her to escape, of course!)


The title of D3 Publisher's new 3DS game asks you to fill in the blanks: "If I were in a sealed room with girl, I'd probably XXX."

Developed by Intense, makers of the "Escape From the Sealed Room" series, If I Were in a Sealed Room With a Girl is part love sim and part escape game. The game is split into two worlds. In the dream world, you find yourself trapped with a girl in a sealed room, and you must work together to escape. In the real world, you attempt to make a girl you have the hots for fall in love with you.

Famitsu's reveal article on the game reveals three girls, Kazumi, Kokoro and Tsubasa. The game's character designs are from Nao Shirahane.

You'll get to show to the world what noble things you'd do if locked away with a girl this Winter.

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