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Sony has issued a press release formally announcing Harrison Ford's appearance in the Uncharted 3 commercial campaign. The company teased the appearance last week, then shared the actual spot in 15 and 30 second varieties today.

The commercial, which begins airing nationally on October 22, shows Ford absorbed with the game, eventually saying that he finds himself jealous at how enjoyable the game's adventure story is. At the end of the spot, Ford paints the word "Sugee" ("Incredible") in Japanese characters.

Sony says that it selected Ford because of the familiarity between the characters in Uncharted and the various characters Ford has played in his movies (the press release did not mention specific characters). Sony says that this is Ford's first Japanese television commercial in four years.

To shoot the commercial, Ford had to play Uncharted 3. He doesn't normally play games and had some trouble at first. Following the shoot, Sony quotes Ford as saying, "The game really gave me the feeling that I was in a movie, but it's enjoyable because while I always win in my movies things don't necessarily go so well in the game." (If this sounds a bit awkward, it's because it's a translation of Sony's translation of what Ford said... assuming Ford actually said it). Sony also quotes Ford as praising the game's graphics quality an, imaginative world, and realistic character reactions.

In addition to promotions for Uncharted 3, Ford will be promoting Uncharted Golden Abyss, which launches with the PlayStation Vita on December 17.

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