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The Creation of Final Fantasy Type-0's Panties

Lead character texture artist details struggle to put panties in latest Final Fantasy game.


Sayoko Hoshino, pictured right, was in charge of character texturing on Final Fantasy Type-0. For her contribution to Square Enix's ongoing "Creator's Message" series at the game's official blog, Hoshino decided to share details about her work on the game's panties.

Originally, the game was set to have black voids for the insides of the characters' skirts. This decision was made due to the system's specs limiting the amount of resources they could devote to the characters. However, the staff felt that because players would spend most of their time viewing the backs of the characters, the feeling of excitement would be much greater if there was more than just a black void inside the skirts.

Sample of Rem's panties from the demo.

As you might expect, adding in the panties wasn't a straightforward task. First off, the characters' legs were directly connected to the skirt, so there was actually little space for the panties. However, Hoshino feels that she and her staff were able to bring out uniqueness for each character.

Hoshino went character by character detailing the panties and undergarments, but I have to admit that I'm all panited out for the day, so if you want the details you're going to have to read it at the official blog.

Incidentally, Hoshino's favorite panties are Seven's. Something to keep in mind when you pick up Final Fantasy Type-0 next week.

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