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Hot Shots Golf Vita Online Modes Detailed

3G and Wi-Fi modes for Sony's launch golf game, some arriving via patches.


Sony is packing Hot Shots Golf 6 with lots of online features. Some will work Wi-Fi and 3G, some are Wi-Fi only. Some will be available from day one while some will be patched in.

Famitsu lists the following in its coverage of the game this week:

Daily National Tournament
Compatible with 3G and Wi-Fi. Download a daily tournament and play it offline. You only need to connect online to make the download and to upload your results. Available from day one.
Multi Battle Mode
Compatible with 3G and Wi-Fi. A mail-like match mode. You play your game, then send your score to a friend who plays his game then sends his score to you, and so forth. Added in a post release patch.
Real Tournament
Wi-Fi only. An online tournament with support for up to 30 players. Positions are updated in real time. Available from day one.
Battle Room
Wi-Fi only. Create a room, setting the course, clubs and other areas, and face off against other players. Added in a post release patch.

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