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More on Catherine's Sales and Persona in 2012 From the Atlus Earnings Briefing


Earlier, we listed 500,000 units sold for Catherine based off figures in Index's earnings report. The company has since released more specific figures as part of materials shown during its earnings briefing.

Catherine sold 260,000 units across Xbox 360 and PS3 in Japan. Internationally, the game sold 230,000 units. Index did not split the sales across platforms or choice of Catherine/Katherine.

Other sales figures for the Japanese market only include 112,000 units for Persona 2 on PSP and 106,000 units for Devil Survivor 2 on DS.

The company also outlined some of its future plans. The information was previously announced, but we do have some pretty slides to go along with it.

For Persona, the company noted that the series has sold 1.65 million just in Japan. For the current fiscal term (Index's fiscal year runs from September through August), the series has Persona 4 The Golden due for PlayStation Vita in Spring, Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena due for arcade release in Spring 2012 and home release in summer 2012, and Persona 4 Social due for mobile release this Winter.

View Index's earning materials here (PDF, Japanese).

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