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Record 10 Minutes of 3D Video on 3DS With November Firmware Update


Nikkei has shared a few details on Nintendo's promised video capture support for 3DS.

According to the paper, video support will be added to the system in late November. Users will be able to take up to 10 minutes of 3D video, allowing them the added enjoyment of uploading videos to external video sites like YouTube.

The Nikkei report lacks specifics. It doesn't even specifically state that you can upload videos to YouTube directly from your system. However, the timing of the report would suggest that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata intends to address this issue during the presentation that Nintendo will be holding on Friday night, so we should get details shortly.

Regarding the Friday night presentation, Nintendo has said that topics include the system's November firmware update and Mario Kart 7's wireless play support. You can watch the presentation at Nintendo's event page.

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