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Capcom founder has high hopes for Wii U, believes social games represent earthshaking shift for industry


Nintendo may have a major Japanese third party ally for Wii U next year. In an interview with Bloomberg Japan, Capcom founder and chairman Kenzo Tsujimoto expressed high expectations for the new platform. As evidence of the system's appeal, he noted the long lines to see the device at trade shows, saying that people would not line up if it were not interesting.

Much of Bloomberg's interview with Tsujimoto, which was conducted in Osaka on the 20th, was about social games. Tsujimoto believes social games represent an "earthshaking change" to the game industry, the kind of thing that the industry has only seen around 10 times in its 40 year history. Another example of such an earthshaking change was when the industry shifted from entertainment machines like pinball to video games.

Capcom expects social games to account for 6.6% of operating earnings in the current fiscal year. However, Tsujimoto believes the ratio could rise to around 30% within the next few years.

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