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Nintendo Direct Live Blog

CEO Satoru Iwata will be sharing details on the 3DS firmware update and Mario Kart's wireless play options.


Nintendo is hosting a short video presentation today where CEO Satoru Iwata will share details on the upcoming November firmware update for 3DS, outline Mario Kart 7's wireless play, and more!

You can watch the presentation for yourself (for details, see this story). Below, we'll be summarizing the happenings as they happen.

Live updates follow

20:37: And that's it! The Nintendo Direct broadcast is over, so I'll stop the live blog. Check our Nintendo Direct page later for additional details and screens.

20:36: Most of the videos that were shown today will be released today in 3D for viewing on 3DS.

20:33: Here are the special 3DS designs for the campaign:

20:32: Following the campaign details, Iwata introduces a new video of Monster Hunter 3G.

20:29: Club Nintendo will be hosting a campaign. "Chotto Mario na Nintendo 3DS Campaign." 3000 people will win a special Mario-themed 3DS. There are three designs.

Everyone who takes part in the campaign, even if they don't win, will get to download Kid Icarus 3D Classics for free. Kid Icarus will also be offered eventually as a paid download game.

20:28: Hmm... I thought he was going to stop at the end of December, but he kept on going right into January!

20:28: Iwata is reading out the whole darn release calendar.

20:26: Following the Mario commercial, more from the 3DS and Wii year end schedule.

20:25: He shows a lengthier commercial for Super Mario Land.

20:24: Iwata appears to be closing off by listing some of the upcoming titles for 3DS and Wii.

20:23: Lost Heroes, a dungeon RPG that mixes Ultraman, Gundam and Kamen Rider.

20:22: Next, something from Banpresto.

20:22: Rune Factory 4, due for release in Spring. Boo -- no video footage of this.

20:21: Next, Harvest Moon, due for February release. This was shown in Famitsu a couple of weeks back.

20:21: Next, Kingdom Hearts 3D, due for Spring 2012 release.

20:20: He moves on to package games. First, Fab Style from Tecmo Koei, which is due on 11/24.

20:19: Next, he introduces The Rolling Western.

20:18: Next, Itsuno ma ni Koukan Nikki, a tool for exchanging photos and other things with other players. This will be released in December for free.

20:17: Next, he introduces a samurai game... I didn't catch the name.

20:17: He also introduces Anatous, which will be available today following the presentation.

20:16: Iwata introduces Hiki Osu, a game that's already available.

20:15: Now Iwata will be introducing download software. They'll be showing Iwata Asks video interviews for a couple of currently available download title following the presentation.

20:12: Players can create their own communities.

20:11: They've also created community features. This is something Konno really wanted to push.

20:10: Next, internet play. This supports 8 players but retains the 60 frames per second.

20:10: Next, Spot Pass. They will have daily download ghost data.

(By the way, I got my Spot and Street mixed up below. I've corrected it.)

20:09: You can also select a person's data from the Mario Kart Channel and select to race the actual player online.

20:07: Mario Kart Channel collects data from Street Pass. For example, the ghost Miis of players with whom you exchange data.

20:07: First up, Street Pass. The game has a Mario Kart Channel.

20:06: Next, Mario Kart 7. Iwata calls producer Konno to explain the network features.

20:05: The firmware will also add the ability to transfer 3DS software to other systems, and improvements to the e-shop.

20:03: Mii Plaza will also be getting new features. An example is a map which shows where the Miis you encounter are from. Surechigai Densestsu 2 will also be included (I'm not sure what they call it in English). You have to have cleared the first one first.

20:02: You can record up to 10 minutes. There are a bunch of options. You can do interval recording, for example, setting the 3DS to take a frame after a few seconds.

20:02: First, movie recording.

20:02: Iwata begins by introducing the late November 3DS firmware update.

20:00: The event has started! It's just Iwata speaking behind a podium. The Nintendo Direct thing is actually not just this event, but an experiment at directly delivering information to players.

19:59: The presentation is about to begin. If you want to watch, turn your browser to Nintendo's Usteam page.

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