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Compatible Hero Returns on 3DS

Banpresto label readying first dungeon RPG for classic crossover franchise.


A long lost franchise is making a comeback on the 3DS. During today's "Nintendo Direct" internet broadcast, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata introduced us to Lost Heroes, a new entry in the Konpachi Hero, or Compatible Hero, series.

Compatible Hero made a name for itself in the Famicom and Super Famicom days by crossing over franchises, mixing SD versions of characters from tokusatsu hero series and robot anime.

The new 3DS version features crossovers from Gundam, Ultraman and Kame Rider. The game is said to be a dungeon RPG, a first for the series.

You can see a first video at the Nintendo Direct site. Access the game's teaser official site here.

Lost Heroes will see 3DS release in 2012.

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