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No, Nintendo has not started a telemarketing show.

Nintendo kicked off the Nintendo Direct presentation earlier today with a sneak peak at the upcoming November 3DS firmware update. Details on the update's 3D video camera support surfaced via Nikkei earlier in the day, but there is a whole lot more on the way.

Below, you'll find a summary of what Iwata said during the event, complete with grabs of the video feed that 4Gamer captured. Different from most of the Nintendo Direct content, Nintendo did not open a special page formally detailing the firmware update, so Iwata's comments are all we have to go on at present.

The update to the Nintendo 3DS Camera does appear to be the main attraction for the firmware update. Once you've updated your firmware, you'll find a new video camera icon in the 3DS Camera program. Click this, and you can take 3D movies.

The system includes at least three shooting modes:

Leave a space between shooting
Frame Shooting
Use to make stop motion movies. (This is not the official English name)
Good Spot Shooting
Freely select when to shoot and stop shooting. (This is not the official English name)

Iwata confirmed that the system will allow for 10 minutes of consecutive filming. However, he made no mention of YouTube or other external movie site support. Nikkei's mention of YouTube in its article was vague, as the paper could have merely been referring to 3DS users transferring videos from 3DS to PC for the upload. We'll still have to wait for Nintendo to comment on direct uploading support.

The firmware update will also bring some of the Street Pass Mii Plaza features Nintendo has been promising for the past few months. One major new feature is the ability to see the origin of your Street Pass counterparts on a map of Japan. When you encounter someone from a new part of the country, that person's region will be colored on the map. Iwata said that players may want to attempt to cover the full map.

The updated Mii Plaza also adds new panels for the Puzzle Swap mini game and the new Surechigai Densetsu 2 (Find Mii 2) mini game. This sequel to the RPG that comes pre-installed with the 3DS includes new elements like forking maps.

Other features touched upon by Iwata include an improved Nintendo e-Shop interface and the ability to transfer download software to other 3DS systems. We'll have to wait for Nintendo to provide further specifics on these areas. The firmware update is due out in late November.

You can see many of these features in the Nintendo Direct video presentation. For an archived version, visit the Nintendo Direct site.

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