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Tales of Innocence R Includes "Vita Gadget" App


Namco Bandai formally announced Tales of Innocence R's January 26 release date. The date first surfaced via Jump last week.

Today's announcement was accompanied by a couple of bonus announcements. These two goodies will be included for pre-orders.

Adventure Skit Drama
A full voice adventure game that's set up like the series' skit conversation sequences. Depending on your selections, the ending of the drama will change. The content of the skit appears to consist of a Tales series crossover. Innocence R Main character Ruca and friends are excited about being able to adventure once again on the Vita. Jade, Rita, Shing, Caius, all from other Tales games, appear on the scene and say that they too want to have an adventure on the Vita.
Innocence R Fortune Clock
A clock app for your Vita which features Ruca and the other characters. The character you've selected will say the alarm time and fortune telling results to you.
No image of the clock app just yet...

Namco Bandai refers to the bonus content as a "Vita gadget app" which you download from PlayStation Store using the code that's printed on a download card that's included with the package version of the game. This presumably means that the items will be bootable separate from the game itself.

Also, the items are listed as pre-order bonuses, so they're presumably just for retail buyers.

The download card itself has an illustration from character designer Mutsumi Inomata.

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