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Final Fantasy Type-0's Slightly Odd Disc Swap Scheme

You'll swap UMDs more than once, so don't burn that first disc!


Final Fantasy Type-0 ships on two UMDs. Once you've finished the first disc, you'd better hold off on giving it to your little brother (who also for some reason reads Japanese), as you're going to need it to complete the game.

Dengeki PlayStation's feature on Type-0 this week reveals that the game has a slightly convoluted disc swap scheme. The first disc contains the prologue, first chapter, last dungeon and final chapter. The second disc consists everything else.

For the full Type-0 experience, you'll progress from the first disc to the second disc, then back to the first disc. That means don't do anything silly like burn the first UMD when you're done with it.

In an interview with the magazine, director Hajime Tabata admitted that the initial disc swap will feel like it comes quite quickly, but it doesn't mean that the first disc has little volume.

The game's multiplayer component will not begin until the second disc. It's unclear if this means that the game's multiplayer code is only on the second disc, or if you can play the last dungeon and chapter with multiplayer enabled.

Dengeki also has a few hints at the changes you can expect on your second play though. Tabata previously hinted at some major differences for those who play a second time through. According to Dengeki, the game's story will shine the spotlight on different characters. Also, you can keep your character stats when continuing, making this a new game plus.

Famitsu gave Type-0 a near perfect 10, 10, 10 and 9 last week. Dengeki's four person review crew was also as enamored with the game, rewarding it 90, 90, 95 and 90 (each score is out of 100).

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