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Snow got his reveal last week... now it's Sazh's turn!

Dengeki has the latest on Final Fantasy XIII-2 this week. Here's a bit of what's leaking out ahead of the magazine's release tomorrow.

First up, details on the game's casino component, which was first announced at the Tokyo Game Show last month. The casino is part of a massive casino city known as Xanadu. You'll be able to take part in Chocobo races and slot machines that are shaped like an aero bike.

Dengeki also has details on a new system, "Toki no Meikyuu," or "Time Labyrinth." Details are a bit scarce at present, but it seems that these dungeons have floors which disappear. You'll have to gather crystals as you advance, and also solve puzzles involving numbers and the hands of a clock.

The Time Labyrinth dungeons will not be an optional component. However, director Motomu Toriyama says that the labyrinths that are part of the game's scenario will be simple while the difficult labyrinths will be part of side quests.

Toriyama also tells Dengeki that the Time Labyrinth system was added to the game because of complaints that XIII had few dungeons.

Finally, a tiny tidbit on one of the last missing cast members. Toriyama reveals that Sazh is undertaking activities to better Gran Pulse. This appears to be all he says, though, so we may have to wait for a future update to see how the character has changed since the original.

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