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More PlayStation Vita Memory Bits

Games can either save to internal memory or external memory card, but not both.


Following up on its recent report on the save requirements for PlayStation Vita's launch titles, Kotaku Japan asked Sony Computer Entertainment a few pressing questions about the system's save data management.

Here's one point that may come as a surprise: games that save internally do not give you the option to save to a separate Memory Card. In other words, the save system is either-or -- the game can either save internally to its own card or it can save to a separate Memory Card. The player cannot select between the two.

Games that require a Memory Card to save may do so for various reasons. For example, they may install data on the card for Live Area or for future content expansion. When a game says that it requires a Memory Card to save, you actually need to have a Memory Card inserted from the start in order to play the game.

It's up to the game developer to decide which form of saving to use.

See this story for a list of internal memory and memory card games. Kotaku says that the list was in a retail pamphlet.

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