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Sonic Generations Street Pass Support Detailed

Exchange profile cards and missions with other players.


Joining a large batch of media, Sega has shared details on the Spot Pass features for the 3DS version of Sonic Generations.

Sega lists two activities for Spot Pass: exchanging profile cards and exchanging missions.

For the profile cards, you can record details about how long you've been playing the Sonic series, and also list your favorite amongst Sonic's shitty friends. The card also includes your play record for the 3DS title so others can see how far you've advanced.

Sega says that by exchanging your profile card with lots of people through Spot Pass transfers, your card will be updated in various ways.

For the mission exchange component, the game includes 100 missions, different from the main story missions, which can be unlocked through Spot Pass.

When you do a Spot Pass exchange with another player, that player appears in your Spot Pass log. Select the player's name, and you'll see that you've received one mission that the player has cleared.

Examples of missions include Revenge, where you must defeat as a certain number of enemies as possible, and Special Trial, where gopher-like enemies appear in Act 1 of Mushroom Hill Zone.

For those who don't get out as much, the missions can also be unlocked via Game Coins.

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