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No Game Archive or Flash Support on PlayStation Vita at Launch

Plus, other bits of Vita knowledge from Famitsu's FAQ.


A FAQ at the PlayStation Vita official site suggested that something was up with Game Archive support on Sony's new portable. Now we have full confirmation courtesy of Famitsu. In a FAQ that appears in this week's issue, the magazine confirms that Game Archive games will not be playable on the Vita at launch.

Depending on usage, "Game Archives" can include either PlayStation titles or both PlayStation titles and PC Engine/TurboGrafx titles. The Famitsu FAQ only says that "Archive" titles cannot be played, so it's presumable that the limitation applies to both types.

The FAQ response also says "at time of launch," suggesting that the support will be added later.

Famitsu's FAQ has a number of other bits about the system, including:

  • Sony is looking into a method of allowing PSP owners to carry their save data over to the Vita.
  • Sony will offer a "Portable Charger," a battery which offers double the capacity of the system's built in battery.
  • The system's web browser supports Java, HTML5, cookies, and so-forth. It does not support Flash. However, this is just initial functionality.
  • As the Vita does not use Memory Stick or SD Card, if you want to transfer your music and images from PSP to Vita you'll need to go through PC or PS3.
  • The system's brightness level setting is not step-based -- you can make gradual adjustments.
  • You can put the system into sleep mode by quickly pressing the power button. Outside of sleep mode, you can temporarily suspend the current game by pressing the PS Button, which takes you to the game's Live Arena. You can then use such functionality as PS Store, friend lists, photos and so forth. If you want to boot up another game or the video player, though, you'll need to exit the current game.

Famitsu's FAQ consists of fifty questions, so there may be additional bits of Vita knowledge in there. Check back later in the day!

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