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Facts About Conception

Save the world by birthin' stock RPG characters with a dozen girls. Oh, and your cousin is pregnant.


Following some preliminary details that we reported on earlier, Sokuho@Hokanko has delivered a more complete summary of Famitsu's reveal article on Spike's new PSP RPG, Conception: Please Have My Baby.

Your goal in Conception is to put the charms on some pure, innocent girls, raise their affection for you, then make babies with them. You then take these babies out to dungeons for what appear to be turn-based battles.

You play as Itsuki, a high school student who, while prone to making cold statements, has a strong sense of justice. On the day of highschool graduation, Itsuki's first cousin and childhood friend Mahiru calls him and tells him that she thinks she's pregnant.

Just then, a gate opens up and leads the two into the world of Granvania. This world is in a dangerous state. In order for Itsuki to return to his world, he must save Granvania, something that can only be done by producing "Hoshi no Ko" (Star Children) with twelve girls.

The "star children" aren't made the way you and I would make a baby. Itsuki and one of the twelve heroines pour their spirit into some sort of device, and the baby is born after growing a bit.

The child's type is determined based off the parents. You can end up with a mage, a warrior, a monk, and so forth (yes, this is an RPG). Also, the child will end up with parameter boosts depending on the circumstances.

How all this will play out as an RPG isn't entirely clear. However, Sokuho's summary says that screenshots show Itsuki surrounded by star children. One shot shows six. It seems that you'll have to explore dungeons as the main character and his children, and also face off (against who is unclear) in battles that look like they may be turn-based.

There's also a school theme. The game is set in a school whose name translates to Granvania National Star God Academy. Each of the twelve girls has her own class.

Conception is currently 65% complete.

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