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Spike Brings Maid Cafe Sim "Maid Paradise" to PSP

Gachitora mini game being updated for full download release.


Spike is taking one of Gachitora's side offerings and giving it a full game. The school-based PSP title had a made cafe component (not to be confused with the love hotel component). This is being updated as "Maid Paradise: Aim For it! Maid Number One!"

View your maid with precise viewing controls.
Set up a daily schedule.

Maid Paradise's premise has you working to save a maid cafe that's on the verge of closing. Spike says that it's been updated from the Gachitora mini game into a new title.

How much is new? It's unclear, but Spike is confident enough to charge ¥1,800 for it.

Look for Maid Paradise on PSN on November 2.

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