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Idolmaster 2 May Have Macross Crossover

Plus, hints at additional Vocaloid tie-ups, and appearances from the DS idols.


On the eve of Idolmaster 2's release, some producer sleuths have managed to get the PS3 title in advance and out some possible download content by examining the game's source.

Look to the right, and you'll see "macf_ranka" and "macf_sheryl." Could these be crossovers with Macross F songstresses Ranka and Sheryl?

This wouldn't be the first time we'd heard Idolmaster and Macross mentioned in collaboration talks. Back when the game's Hatsune Miku crossover was announced, Sega's Hiroshi Utusmi said that he'd like to do a collaboration with Ranka and Sheryl. Of course, as Utsumi was on the Sega side of the collaboration, he was probably referring to a collaboration with Hatsune Miku.

The source also shows Rin and Ren, suggesting that Hatsune Miku could be joined by additional virtualoids.

Closer to home, the source also lists Ai, Eri and Ryo, presumably the three idols from the DS Idolmaster game. (You might recall that one of the three is actually a boy and one of them may have had a problem mom.).

It shouldn't be surprising to see all this crossover download content in Idolmaster 2. Namco Bandai is charging ¥1,600 just for the Hatsune Miku outfit.

Miku may not be alone...

[via Hachimaki]

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