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This is What Conception Looks Like

... Just in case you didn't know.


Never mind the name and the premise that involves convincing twelve girls to make babies with you in order to save the world, Spike's PSP RPG Conception: Please Have My Baby really is an RPG.

It certainly has some legit looking battle scenes, as shown in these screens from Famitsu.com.

It also has dialogue sequences, with what look like interactive options:

As detailed earlier, you play as Itsuki (the guy in the school outfit), who learns on graduation day that his cousin and childhood friend Mahiru (the girl in the school outfit) is pregnant.

Just then, a portal sweeps the two to the world of Granvania. Itsuki learns that he must save the world by making "Star Children" with twelve maidens (An example is Ruka, the girl with the long hair). Not only that, but to make more powerful kids, he must first strengthen his ties with the girls.

The party members surrounding Itsuki in the battle shots are the results of Itsuki's baby making activities with the twelve maidens. Itsuki and his Star Children must challenge the Gravania dungeons as a party of thirteen.

Only once Itsuki has saved Granvania will he be able to return to his own world (where he'll presumably find out more about Mahiru's pregnancy -- Spike hasn't said how her pregnancy is related to the rest of the story.)

Conception is currently date TBA. A download version is also planned.

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