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Dragon Quest X: Party Play, AI Support Characters and More Monsters


Thursday is Dragon Quest X update day, and today's update includes a look at the game's party play component, its AI-driven support character system, and the latest monsters.

Party Play

Dragon Quest X lets you select between playing with other live players whom you meet around the world, or playing with AI controlled support characters.

For the live player option, you first speak to a player who catches your eye. You can see the player's status and a preset message before determining whether you want to make him into a party member.

On the invited end, DQX provides you with the ability to specify how long you'll be able to join someone's party. The screens below show one new party member agreeing to joining up just for an hour. The inviter can select to reject the newcomer if the time limit isn't sufficient.

When Out Exploring

The game provides you with some handy features when playing online.

You can select to make your character follow a particular member -- useful if you're not sure where to go.

As you explore, you'll encounter other parties doing battle with enemies. Even if you're not part of that party, you can select a "support" command. The members of the other party will see their tension rise, giving them an advantage.

AI Support Characters

If you want to adventure by yourself, or if you and your friends don't have enough players for a full party, you can add AI characters to your party.

You select AI party members by speaking to the staff at the town pub. The AI characters will follow you in a line like in past Dragon Quest games, and will automatically move in battle according to strategies that you've set.

You can also register your name at the pub to convert yourself into a support character. Your game session will end, and your character will be opened up to be used as an AI character in other online players' parties. When you come back, you'll get a report on your activities as a support character, and you'll also get to keep your experience.


Making their debut in Dragon Quest X are (left to right) Big Hat (ビッグハット), Green Scissor (グリーンシザー), and Helcon Doctor (ヘルコンダクター):

Dragon Quest series fans should recognize the following monsters:

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