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Beyond the Labyrinth Officially Dated; New 3D Screens Released


Konami formally announced Beyond the Labyrinth's January 19 release date today. The tri-Ace 3DS dungeon RPG will carry a ¥5,800 price point.

Here's what you'll want to look for at retail.

The game's official site was also given its grand opening today. You'll find the following sections:


This just describes how you meet the mysterious white-haired girl character in a massive dungeon. You're not sure why you're there.


This area currently shows the game's labyrinth. There are two other areas that are left blank at present.


Currently just an introduction to the mysterious girl character, who goes unnamed. She apparently got lost while exploring the surrounding valley which is said to house a sealed magic of some form and is not to be approached.


This shows the game's exploration, trap/gimmick and battle components. You explore alongside the girl, sometimes leading her and sometimes being lead. Your aim is the dungeon's exit. The game's battle component involves facing off against the creatures that roam the dungeon. The girl fights alongside you, and while she's only capable of throwing stones at first, she gradually gets stronger.


This has a few new 3D screenshots.

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