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Yasumi Matsuno didn't get the memo about PSP Go's lack of UMD support

But that's no reason to not enjoy Final Fantasy Type-0!


Ogre series creator Yasumi Matsuno received a package copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 today. He was so excited that he posted a pic at his Twitter.

Accompanying the pic was the message: "I'll finally get to use my PSP go again!"

As the knowledgeable readers of this site know, Go can't play UMDs, a fact that may have killed the system's chances for success as games like Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep remain to this day package only.

Type-0 thankfully isn't one of those package-only games. Following quick notice by some of his followers, Matsuno said that he meant to say he'll be picking up the game's download version. The package copy was just a gift from his former employer, Square Enix

[via Hachimaki]

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