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Opening Date Set For Ace Attorney Flick

Trailer coming next week.


A first image of the live action adaptation of Ace Attorney was posted in a magazine about a week ago. Capcom has finally shared an official online version of the image.

The pic accompanied some major news for the movie adaptation. Capcom announced a February 11 opening date and also opened a teaser site for the movie.

The site will play host to a trailer starting 11/5. The trailer will also be included in preview reels for major films starting 11/5.

Capcom also announced that the movie's theme song will be sung by PornoGraffitti. This will be the group's first movie tie-up since 2008's Bleach Fade to Black.

The movie's final name is just "Gyakuten Saiban", which is the Japanese name for the Ace Attorney series.

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