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Level-5 is making a PSP RPG based off the Gundam Age franchise. Today, Namco Bandai sent out a bunch of mega high res screens showing us what a Gundam RPG looks like.

Gundam fans may not be used to getting RPG adaptations of the franchise, but this really does appear to be a full blown RPG. It will span three full generations, each placing you in control of a different main character.

The game is broadly split into two parts: field and battle. The field component has you running around the colony and ships as your character, speaking to people and progressing through the mission-based story. For the battle component, you board your Mobile Suit. We don't have too many details on how the battle system will work, but it is said to be action oriented.

Level-5's Gundam Age RPG conversion is due for PSP release in Summer 2012.

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