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Demos and Download Content Coming to 3DS in November

Nintendo details upcoming e-Shop plans.


Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata outlined some of the company's upcoming plans for the 3DS e-Shop during an earnings presentation today. The e-Shop will be updated with a number of new features at the end of November.

Developers will be able to use the e-Shop for post release expansion content. Iwata said that this is something that developers have been looking forward to.

e-Shop will also offer demos, with developers being able to set limitations on the number of plays. Nintendo hopes that the availability of demos, combined with the current user review system, which only allows those who've played a game for at least an hour to post a review, will help expose players to new games.

Nintendo will be upping the usability of the e-Shop. Downloads can progress while the 3DS is in sleep mode, for instance.

Although not planned for the November update, the e-Shop will eventually be made accessible via the web, allowing players to access the shop via PCs and smartphones. This is being done so that word can spread about games through social media, for instance.

Initially, users will not be able to purchase software directly from the web e-Shop. Instead, the shop will display a QR code that can be recognized by the 3DS camera. Nintendo will in the future make it so that software can also be purchased on the PC or smartphone.

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