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Pics of D3's creepy 3DS game about doing stuff to girls in a sealed room.

Shame on you for even reading this!


Before Spike announced the PSP RPG where you're transported to another world and must make babies with twelve maidens in order to save the world from doom, the top contender for this year's "This premise offends me, but I have to admit I want to play it" award was D3's "If I Were In a Sealed Room With a Girl I'd Probably XXX." Today, we got some screenshots via the game's official site.

XXX has two components, one set in a school where you must woo a bunch of girls the traditional way, and the other set in your dreams where you must help a girl escape from a sealed room.

These shots appear to mostly be from the sealed room component.

You can see these in 3D by accessing the official site from your 3DS browser.

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