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A Couple of Things About D3's Girl Escape Game


D3 Publisher made official non-Famitsu announcement today of If I Were in a Sealed Room With a Girl I'd Probably XXX. The announcement included a bunch of new screens, which you can see here, and a bunch of new details, which I've summed up below.

You play as a high school student named Kouhei. The game is split into two worlds, the "sealed room world" and the real world.

In the real world, Kouhei is a student who has the hots for three girls at his school. There's Kasumi Akishino, a shy girl who's in Kouhei's class. There's Tsubasa Itou, the most popular girl at school, who's said to have turned down over 100 boys. And there's Kokoro Tougo, Kouhei's childhood friend and two years his junior. Although Kouhei considers Kokoro to be like a little sister, he's recently started taking interest in her.

The sealed room world is a place that exists in Kouhei's dreams. He for some reason appears as a fairy in these dreams. As you might have guessed, the girls in the dream world are the same as the girls in the real world.

The girls find themselves locked away in the sealed room, and you must help them find key fragments in order to open the lock. This involves giving textual hints to the girl. For example, you can write the word "vacuum cleaner" to make the girl pick up a vacuum cleaner and use it to aid in escaping. If the girl wants to grab a carton of milk from up on a shelf out of her reach, you can enter "chair" and she'll climb up on a chair.

Because you're a fairy, you can fly around the room using the slide pad. You can use this to easily scan the environment, or you can get in for some closeups of the girls. You can control the view via the gyro sensor and use buttons to zoom in and out.

The real and dream worlds are linked up. The girls may reveal some information to you as a fairy, including their feelings for Kouhei, which you can use to help with your attempts at getting close to the girls in the real world.

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