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Nintendo Not Ready to Talk Wii U Pricing

CEO clarifies statements about 3DS launch lessons during earnings briefing Q&A.


Wii U was given just a brief mention during Nintendo's earnings briefing last week, with CEO Satoru Iwata promising to show the system in its full form at next year's E3, and vowing to learn from the "bitter lessons" of the 3DS launch (see this story).

During a Q&A that followed the main event, investors pressed further, asking for specifics on how the Wii U launch will differ from that of the 3DS. Will Nintendo have an aggressive price point from the start? Is Nintendo ready to take a loss on the hardware? Will Nintendo support the launch with its own first party software? Will the system launch with its network strategy in place?

Expectedly, Iwata's response didn't shed too much light on these areas. Regarding the system's price and whether or not Nintendo will release the system at a loss, he said that they have nothing to say at present.

He also clarified his comparative statement about the 3DS. During the earlier presentation, he'd said (officially translated to English by Nintendo), "As we learned a bitter lesson with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, we are trying to take every possible measure so that the Wii U will have a successful launch."

What he meant by this is that Nintendo learned many lessons from some of the problems with the 3DS, and they would like to make sure they don't have a similar situation with the Wii U. He wouldn't discuss specific things that went wrong with the 3DS, though, saying that it would serve no purpose for him to make such statements and have them be reported. All he would commit to is that Nintendo will be tackling a variety of areas that it feels need to be addressed.

[via Nintendo's Q&A summary (Japanese) ]

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