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More Details on Nintendo's November 3DS Update

Expansion content and micro payments both coming next month.


During an earnings briefing on Friday in Tokyo, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata announced that the 3DS would see a major firmware update in November that will, among other features, finally make the system ready to receive add-on content form the eShop. Iwata provided a few additional details during a Q&A that followed the main presentation.

As Kyodo News reported (see our story here), Iwata clarified during the Q&A that he'd used the term add-on content to mean both add-on content and an item-based billing system. The November update will deliver a system for using micro payments to purchase items and add-on content, all from directly within a game.

While the system for offering content and handling transactions will be in place in the November update, regarding Nintendo's own download content plans, Iwata said, "Nintendo will also likely next year in some form do this [offer add-on content], in a form that would receive support from the customers." He reminded us of the Q&A session from Nintendo's July earnings briefing, where he'd mentioned as an example add-on stages that were developed with full creative force.

As for third parties, Iwata said that he's been hearing that plans are in place to make use of the new transaction system (which he called "the new Nintendo e-Shop framework") early next year.

Nintendo's transcript of the Q&A session contained a notice denying reports that Nintendo has plans to offer item-transaction games similar to the kind found on social networks. It appears that some of the more business oriented publications reported Nintendo's plans in this sense.

Iwata also touched upon some of Nintendo's plans for using Smartphones and SNS as promotional tools. As an example of the use of SNS, he noted that Nintendo had announced the Nintendo Direct video conference event two days prior to its broadcast on Twitter. Event viewership was on the magnitude of hundreds of thousands.

[via Nintendo's Q&A summary (Japanese) ]

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