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3DS Price Drop Resulted in Increases in Child and Female Audience

Nintendo CEO says main movement for child demographic has yet to start.


Compared to the Wii and DS, the 3DS initially reached a more core gamer audience, meaning fewer kids and girls, and more working males. This demographic has changed following the system's price drop to ¥15,000, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata told investors during a briefing on Friday.

Nintendo's own data, pulled from Club Nintendo and other sources, shows that following the price drop, the system has started to be picked up by kids and girls. The girls in particular have come on board following the more recent release of the system's new Misty Pink color variation. Even Club Nintendo stats, which tend to be male-biased, indicate that Misty Pink was picked up more than 75% by girls.

A changing demographic brings with it changes in software taste. For most colors, Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D is the most popular game to pick up with the system. This is true for everything except for Misty Pink, where Nintendogs + Cats is the most popular.

Regarding children, Iwata noted that the vast majority will get the system either as birthday or Christmas gifts, or using New Years money. We've yet to see this demographic make its true movement to the system, Iwata said. However, Nintendo has learned that the number of kids who say they want 3DS as a Christmas present has increased greatly recently. This is one of the reasons that Nintendo has such a strong outlook for the holiday season.

[via Nintendo's earnings briefing summary (Japanese)]

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